All Are Welcome in Iowa

Many partner organizations are joining together to educate Iowans about the passage and potential impact of Iowa’s 2024 Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) that elevates one person’s religious freedom above the civil rights of others. Plain and simple, RFRA uses personal religious beliefs as justification for discrimination. Together, we are empowering Iowans to reject the message of RFRA that is based in bigotry and hate harming marginalized communities – LBGTQ, religious minorities, Black, Brown, immigrants, and women.

Together, we are amplifying a new message that All Are Welcome in Iowa.

Will you join us in this effort to stop discrimination in its tracks and welcome everyone in Iowa? CLICK HERE to sign up!


Does your organization or faith community want to join as a partner in this work? Let us know at and we will add you to the list! Required information includes: organization name, full organization address, primary contact name, primary email, primary phone, and website link.