Challenge. Lead. Empower.

In the chaos of today’s political arena, Interfaith Alliance of Iowa is the only statewide, non-partisan, progressive voice for people of faith and no faith protecting religious freedom, safeguarding the line between religion and government, ensuring religion is not misused to discriminate, championing individual rights, and uniting diverse voices to challenge extremism. We are a balancing voice for fairness, justice, and civility.

our mission
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Interfaith Alliance of Iowa & Action Fund convene and lead diverse voices to challenge extremism, defend democracy, protect religious freedom, and safeguard the rights of all Iowans.

who we are

Founded in 1996, we are individuals in communities across the state who are Christians, Jews, Muslims, Unitarian Universalists, Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists, agnostics, and more. We are affiliated with the national Interfaith Alliance and are part of its national network of affiliates.

what we do

Interfaith Alliance of Iowa & Action Fund empowers Iowans to be engaged in their communities and in our state as effective, progressive voices on issues that matter.

For the more than two decades, we have provided balance in the public square. Interfaith Alliance of Iowa challenges extremism by:


Religion and government have become increasingly entangled. Moreover, one strident voice often takes precedence above all others, often misusing religion for their own political gain and to justify discrimination. We challenge those strident voices and provide balance on behalf of Iowans.


We choose to lead on the issues through collaboration with our supporters and our many partner organizations from across the spectrum of daily life including Iowa’s faith, civil rights, social justice, education, labor, business, and legal communities. Working cooperatively strengthens the progressive voice and enables all partners to be more effective.


The strength of Interfaith Alliance of Iowa is our many supporters and advocates in communities across the state. We work hard to empower you to use your voice to make a difference at home and for our state.