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Ripples of Hope: From Despair to Advocacy
Headshot of Leslie Carpenter, Iowa Mental Health Advocacy
Friday, March 17
11:45 am - 1:00 pm
IN-PERSON and virtual EVENT
Plymouth congregational church
4126 Ingersoll Ave, Waveland Hall, des Moines

Presenter: Leslie Carpenter, Iowa Mental Health Advocacy

Our nation, including Iowa, is in a mental health crisis – too many needs and too few services. Truthfully, also too little understanding of those needs by politicians and the public, or necessary services to help folks.

Leslie Carpenter is a powerful and tireless advocate for people with serious brain illnesses in Iowa and across the United States. She is passionate about improving access to care, and therefore creating better outcomes because it is personal for her family. Join us in-person or online for March Crossroads and learn about Leslie’s story, her advocacy efforts, and the history of the mental health crisis.

There are three ways you can join us for Crossroads:

About the presenter: Leslie Carpenter is a co-founder of Iowa Mental Health Advocacy, a lobbyist in the Iowa Legislature, and a serious brain illness advocate. A retired physical therapist, Leslie now works to improve the mental health treatment system.  She serves on the NAMI Iowa Board of Directors and teaches three of the NAMI Signature Programs, with her most recent emphasis on NAMI Provider Training.  She provides advocacy presentations to a wide variety of audiences to help people to understand the causes of the mental health crisis, to humanize it and to share practical solutions.

Leslie is leading an effort in the 6th Judicial District in Iowa to create an AOT (Assisted Outpatient Treatment) Program in conjunction with Iowa’s first Civil Mental Health Court. She also serves on the Guidelink Advisory Board and the Iowa Mental Health Planning and Advisory Council as a family member with lived experience, to help improve the treatment of people with serious brain illnesses in hospital and crisis settings.
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