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Public Education: The Foundation of our Democracy, or not?

12:00 PM

This week's guest: Mike Beranek, President, Iowa State Education Association

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Public education is the foundation of our democracy. Right? You’ve heard that time and time again most of your life.  But, is it really?

Things declared as foundational should be of the highest priority and protected from harm by those who make decisions. Quite simply, that is no longer the case when it comes to public education in Iowa for so many extreme lawmakers as well as parents focused inward rather than on the common good.

Public education, our public schools and school boards, public school teachers, administrators, and staff, and our public school children are taking hits on so many fronts. Health and safety because of unscientific fights regarding COVID and mask mandates. Battles with untrained lawmakers and community members regarding best practices and inclusive curriculum, including how or whether public schools should talk about race and racism. Law makers who consistently and intentionally underfund public schools and divert public dollars to private choices. Candidates running for school boards across the state who don’t actually believe in the common good of public education and are running on extreme agendas that will impact all students if elected.

Join us for What’s Happening this Monday, September 27, at noon on Facebook Live or YouTube as we talk with Mike Beranek, President of the Iowa State Education Association, and break down all of the issues chipping away at the foundation of our democracy — public education — in these troubled times.

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