Faithful Conversations on Abortion

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In today’s world that often approaches controversial issues and difficult conversations with arguments and division, Interfaith Alliance of Iowa believes strongly we are better when we listen to understand, utilize facts, and center the stories and experiences of those most impacted by any issue.

Abortion is high on that list of controversial issues. It is often whittled down to binary choices, and we place people on “the other side” into boxes. Support or oppose. Life or choice. Good or bad. Leaving little room for conversation or understanding of each other. Or truthfully, understanding the complexity of the issues and concerns that surround abortion and reproductive health care, in general.

Faithful Conversations on Abortion is a tool to help faith communities hold open conversations regarding access to reproductive health care, including abortion. We offer this series of videos as conversation starters. They are available for anyone to use but are particularly focused on empowering and supporting conversations in faith communities.

Conversations regarding abortion are often difficult and faith communities sometimes shy away from them — believing it may be too divisive or controversial. We hope this resource will help communities of faith to enter into a community conversation in a thoughtful, respectful, and faithful manner.

We are grateful for the clergy and faith leaders who helped to develop Faithful Conversations on Abortion and provided important guidance in the creation of the study guide. We are also thankful for our panelists in the recorded conversations, which include clergy, experts, and advocates. They bring expertise and important insights to assist congregations in holding meaningful conversations in their community.

Faithful conversations on abortion — study guide

Video 1 | Creating faithful conversations on abortion

Video 2 | Abortion is health care

Video 3 | Creation, procreation, and personhood

Video 4 | The moral impact of anti-abortion efforts

Video 5 | From generation to generation

Video 6 | The role of men in the fight for abortion rights